A Mysterious Location

Razors Pointe

Bolo's Altar Thieves' Cave Ancient Maze A Lair of Gyr Dolours Dernholm, capital of Cumbria Wolf Cave Liam's Workshop Black Root Ruins of Szabo Shrouded Hills Crash Site Simon Fahrkus' Shack Arbalah's House Secret Entrance to the Iron
Broken Cathedral Tarant Lethe Wyvern Sighting Old Lagoon

Ancient Ruins

Roseborough Gorgoth Pass The Cold Place Torg's Altar Torin Quarry Vollinger's Meeting Place The Fan Graveyard Dungeon of the Dragon
Wheel Clan Uncharted Cave The Lair of Bellerogrim Ancient Temple Ashbury Ancient Shipwreck The Williamson Homestead Isle of Despair

The House of Maximillian

The Women's Camp

Shades Beach

Forbidden Pit Elven Ruins Kree Vooriden Stringy Pete's Treasure Stringy Pete's Cove Boat Landing on
Village of the Ashlag Tribe The Lair of Bogaroth Land Bridge Nasrudin's Resting Place Half-ogre Island Qintarra Small Pond Falcon's Ache K'na Tha

The Castle S'nel N'fa

Strange Ceremony Hardin's Pass The Black Mountain Mines Stillwater The Place of Lost Voices Stonecutter Clan The Pit of Fires Small Camp Kerlin's Altar The Bog Strange Pond Tulla The Bedokaan Village The Poacher's Camp Secret Village The Ruby Glade The Bangellian Deeps T'sen-Ang Gateway to the Wastes Mysterious Ruins of the
Dark Elf Camp Vendigroth Ruins Old Blind Master's House


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